What is TaeKwon-Do?

The Literal translation is.

Tae – Stands for “Foot” this includes kicking and jumping.

Kwon – Stands for “Fist” this means our hands are used for blocking and defense as well as for techniques that are meant to strike.

Do – Is simple. This is the spiritual, mental and moral way…The path.

TaeKwon-Do is often described as the art of kicking and punching.

TaeKwon-Do furthermore is an ancient Korean art. It is a stand up self defense martial art. It is intended to develop the person- Mind, Body and Spirit. When practiced as intended TaeKwon-Do is a rigorous, balanced full body workout. When taught, understood and properly executed is is energizing while still powerful.TaeKwon-Do is considered to be a beautiful art form that has both power and Grace. The patterns or “Hyongs” provide mental discipline while also improving memory.

Here is a quote from the founder father of TaeKwon-Do
“To help others to develop and succeed in life is a reward itself and only has value when nothing is expected in return…” Gen. Choi Hong Hi