A Lifetime of Character
Begins This Summer

You’re going to ask someone to spend 8 or 9 hours a day with your kids this summer; don’t let that time go to waste!

Interbay Taekwondo is a community of friendly people based on the principles of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and the formation of an Indomitable Spirit. These are the ideals that the Traditional Taekwondo we teach are grounded in.

This summer, when you drop off your children in the morning, they’ll spend their day learning these values – not wasting time glued to a screen. They’ll have fun exercising, building character, learning about how to stay safe and sharpening new skills!

While it’s still early in the season, we’re offering a discount to sign up for camp now:

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One Free Week!

We almost always fill up our camp, so please contact us as early as possible to secure your
child’s place!

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Here’s What Our Parents and Kids are Saying:

My children are very engaged in this program; they have developed better self control and enjoy the learning atmosphere that is provided for them. I️ am thankful to have found a place like this!!

Amanda Cook September 5, 2017

Incredible group of people. What a pleasure to have the opportunity to work and train with them.

Christina Richards September 5, 2017

This has been by far one of the best decisions to enroll my brother, myself and I in taekwondo. It has helped my five year-old brother with discipline, leadership skills and focusing. The instructor is very knowledgeable and understanding towards all age groups. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Luisa Fernanda Muñoz Cifuentes December 8, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Can martial arts turn my child into a bully?
No. Martial arts training will do just the opposite. Children are taught respect, tolerance, self control and compassion. The use of physical force is always reserved as a last resort, and only for self-defense.
My child has special needs. Can your program help?
We have students with ADHD, mild autism, physical disabilities, and other challenges. Martial arts is one of the best activities for children with challenges.
Is your school's emphasis on competition and winning trophies, or is it on the development of my child?
The development of your child always comes first. And unlike with most sports teams, there are no “bench warmers” sitting on the sidelines at Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Center of Interbay.
Every student participates fully in every class.
However, for those students who wish to compete at tournaments, we offer comprehensive training for all belts. Our school is consistently a top medal winner at the regional and national tournaments that we attend each year.