Testimonial 04

The instructor (kyosahnim) of this school is an amazing, patient, fair, honest, and firm instructor. Melissa is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. She was the instructor for my son when he first started in Tae Kwon Do. My son was having disciplinary issues, an attitude, and going through a phase that he was starting to talk back and not have respect. When we first started TKD with Kyosahnim Melissa it was a bit of a struggle, but within a month’s time we noticed a complete change in our son. He started being more respectful, his grades started improving, his overall attitude and demeanor improved immensely. My son thrived off of going to Melissa’s classes. Melissa is a fair and firm instructor, and truly cares about her students and loves what she does. Melissa is an extremely capable and loving instructor, who will make you feel like you’re the most important student in the room, even if there are 50 people in class she still take the time to treat you like an individual and assist you in your TKD journey. Definitely must try taking her classes she will definitely have you coming back for more Tae Kwon Do, her energy is intoxicating and definitely makes you want to come back for more Tae Kwon Do. She definitely displays all the true tenants of TKD….courtesy, integrity, self control and indomitable spirit. You won’t be sorry when you join her school.

Daisey Hockman Pittman December 8, 2017